Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorating the christmas tree

Kelci has been so excited to decorate the Christmas tree.  She wanted to put all the ornaments on one section of the tree.  It took awhile but I eventually convinced her to put them all over the tree.  She had to tell me a story about every ornament she put on.  The things this girl thinks of.  My favorite was when she picked up the red heart ornament that my Grandma McDowell gave me when I was a kid and said "this is the most beautiful ornament." 

 A few days ago Kelci and I went to the grocery store and I let her put some money in the red bucket for the Salvation Army.  The gentleman let her take a turn at ringing the bell.  She wasn't sure what to think of at first but eventually got the hang of it.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Snow Day

We woke up this morning to about a foot of snow so needless to say we had to go play in it

 I think I can walk in it.......
 Ok maybe I cant.......
 Maybe if I just crawl.......
 I quit....I will just lay here instead
Oh man......once I lay down I can't get up

She eventually got the hang of it.  I must say it was very entertaining watching her

 You can't play in the snow with out building a snowman.  And of course we had to sing "Do you want to build a snowman" from Frozen

Nap time

Monday, November 9, 2015

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Craft time in the flour!!!  We were at Connie's house making her dinner as a thank you for babysitting Kelci and Connie dumped out some flour on counter to let Kelci play in.  Kelci had a blast playing in it.  We had to pry her from it just to eat dinner. 

 Making her snow mountain.  We threw in some lettuce for the trees  


This year for Halloween Kelci chose to be Elsa from Frozen.  I had every intention of making her costume but I walked into Once Upon A Child right when they were putting out their costumes and happen to find an Elsa dress for $5.  Couldn't pass it up!

Kelci trick or treating with cousin Harper
Went to a trick or treat street out in Parker.  No joke, there was a line 1/2 mile long just to get in.  We weren't going to stand in line to walk a street and get candy.  We were able to snap this picture of Kelci with cousins Harper and Evan.

Pumpkin painting/carving

 Kelci's pumpkin

 Nathan's finished pumpkin

Kelci was invited to Desi's (a girl from my school who has babysat Kelci) Halloween Party.  I wasn't sure if Kelci would have fun because everyone was 10 years old so there was no one Kelci's age.  Boy was I wrong.  She had a blast.  Desi was very good at including Kelci.  They had a few games for the kids and then just a bunch of food for everyone.  One of the games were turning kids into mummies with toilet paper.  After the mummies were made the kids ended up have a HUGE toilet paper fight.  It was a disaster but Kelci had a blast throwing it everywhere.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the party but didn't think about it until the toilet paper fight.

 Desi throwing the paper on Kelci
Kelci's favorite thing is to make cookies so of course we had to make Halloween Cookies.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of her decorating them :(

Monday, October 26, 2015

Girls Weekend

My friend Pam Wright invited me to a mother daughter girls weekend up at Grand Lake.  Her friend Shauna's brother owns this multi million dollar cabin that we were able to use for the weekend.  Words cant even explain how big this cabin was.  It easily sleeps 30+ people.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  The pictures don't do justice. 

View from the back of cabin

We went on a couple different hikes around Rocky Mountain National Park.  The first hike we went to was a homestead a family owned that eventually turned into a housing place for hunters.  It was nice to learn the history behind the homestead and learn what the family had to go through.  After they took us around the cabins we were able to play dress up with clothes.  I am wearing a bison coat which was HEAVY

 Pam, Lacey and I
 The whole group

Our last hike was an incline that took you up to 12,000 feet high.  The incline didn't look to hard until you started hiking it.  The higher you climbed the less you could breath.  Since we were so high it was freezing cold and crazy windy. 

View from the top

I made it to the top!!!!

The best part of the whole trip was all the Elk I was able to see.  At dusk a few of us drove back into Rockey Mountain National Park to see the Elk.  The head bull was leading the herd across the street and after he got 30+ elk across the road he stood in the middle of the road and literally posed for everyone to take his picture.  I couldn't get his picture because the car that was across from me had his headlights turned on so the picture didn't turn out :( I was so sad because he was a prize bull!